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About processing modes

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Your Sync to Accounting app gives you the industry’s only batch mode, just like large financial institutions use. Want to see what you are missing?

Do you have a large number of monthly transactions? Or simply want to reduce the number of sales records going into your accounting system?

Instead of having to individually process hundreds or thousands of individual sales records, your app aggregates sales and refund transactions into 30 daily, summarized batches. To enjoy this time-saving feature, select Batch mode during setup (Step 6) or at a later date. Let your app do the heavy work for you.

In your Sync to Accounting app, you have two processing modes to choose from:

  • Individual mode (default)
  • Batch mode

Important: Do not flip back and forth between modes frequently. You can confuse QuickBooks Online. If you must change, do it on the first day of a new accounting period. See the tutorial titled, “How batching works” for more information on this point.

Better idea: Turn it on during your app set up and gain immediate time savings and experience and confidence with how the app is processing your data.