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Automation of recording to accounting

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Turning ON Automated recording is like setting Sync to Accounting on autopilot or engaging autonomous mode in a smart car. Without the possibility of a crash into something or someone.

In the Settings view, find the section, “Recording to Accounting” and turn on the Automated processing (Recording) mode by:

  • A. Select how you want to record it – “Complete transactions” or “Fees only”
  • B. Click on the button “Automated”
  • C. The system will memorize the date you turn on Automated mode.  Only transactions on and after this date will be processed into your accounting system automatically.

Schedule:  once per day. 

Time: ~ between   6AM and 8AM GMT. 

User responsibility:  We’ve developed the software for the utmost precision and reliability. Even so, we recommend that you periodically review the automatically processed data. Review outstanding unprocessed transactions and assign accounts if necessary (for payment types) as the system will not process any transactions that are incomplete in some way. This is for your safety and the accuracy of your accounting records. 

Recommendation: Review your data once or twice per week and make sure all is running smooth.