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Billing and historical data

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The “Billing History” hyperlink shows you your payment history. No magic here, just a clear and concise history of how much you have paid.

The way your Sync to Accounting app works is like this. When you first start the app, it brings in the most recent 100 transactions. The earliest date in these 100 transactions establishes the “Current earliest know transaction date” in the system. This is used in requesting additional historical as described below.

If you want to bring over any more historical data, you can purchase additional data to be processed from past accounting or calendar periods.

The cost for processing historical transactions is equal to the current monthly subscription rate – $19 per month for up to 1000 transactions.

If you select a time period that brings over more than 1000 transactions – the cost for the additional transactions will be prorated based on the cost calculated as 1000/$19.00, or $0.019 per transaction.

To request historical data, go to Settings and navigate to the “Historical data request” section. In that section, pick the date in the “Select transactions date from” date picker.

An estimated cost of processing the historical transactions will be calculated based on the number of days between your current earliest known transaction date and your selected date. The system uses 1000 transactions per month for its estimation of costs. If your requested time period is more or less than 30 days, the system adjusts accordingly. The estimated cost is displayed for you on the right side.

If the number of estimated transactions exceeds the estimated count (based on 1000 per month) – you will be asked to pay the additional cost after transactions are loaded in the system.

Note: The request to pay for the additional transactions will also appear in a pop up when you will try to record transactions in your accounting system. A simple click authorizing the payment is all it takes to keep working.


If you have a lot of transactions, it might take some time for the system to load all of them.  During the loading process, you will see a progress bar at the top of the Main View (see below). With large amounts of data, you may need to refresh your page to see all the imported transactions. You can leave the page and come back later. 

After your requested transactions are imported, you will be able to submit them to QuickBooks Online by selecting each transaction and then clicking on the “Submit” button. Here is where you will receive the notice of charges due for the extra transactions mentioned above. The notice will look like the one below:

In this example, the balance for transaction overage (remember, the base cost = $19 per 1000 transactions) is $.89. Simply click the “Pay” button to proceed with your processing.