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Connecting and authorizing PayPal – Step 2

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Step 2 is just as easy as Step 1.

You will have to grab some information from your PayPal account to complete this step so please open that up now and mosey to its Profile and Settings menu. Don’t click anything yet! We’ll wait. You’re back? Here goes!

  1. Click the CONNECT button below the PayPal icon in your Sync to Accounting Settings page.
  2. A pop up opens requesting three pieces of information from your PayPal account:
    • API Username
    • API Password
    • Signature
  3. Follow the steps listed in the dialog unless you have opened your PayPal as we suggested in which case you can skip ahead to step 3 in the pop up.
  4. Open your PayPal account and from the Settings menu, follow this path: Account Access/API Access/Customer checkout experience/NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic)/Manage API Credentials.
  5. Click this link to see your information.
  6. Copy and paste the data into the matching fields in the connector.

After entering credentials for PayPal connection you can check authorization by clicking on button “Text connection”.  If everything was entered correctly you will see the green checkmark.

Note: When copying these character strings from PayPal, be sure not to copy leading or trailing black spaces as that will cause a connection failure. We all know the hazards of failure to launch, uh connect.

Note: The Test Connections will display a check mark if the data in a field is good and a big X for copy/paste errors. Just like math homework, correct your work, retest and continue.

  • When all the data fields are filled, you can test the connection to be sure it all works or click CONNECT if you are in cowboy mode.
  • The Connected platforms field will show your PayPal account along with your QuickBooks Online account. To the left of the Delete icon you see a blue square and the sync icon. Both possess mystical powers.
    • Click sync to bring in the most current data. Give it a bit of time. If you have a gigantically big hunk of data, the system may stop for a breather. Click sync to get it moving again.
    • The blue square removes all PayPal data from your system. Developers wanted a flushing toilet sound but that was never implemented. Perhaps in future release? Anyway, click the blue square you now have a clean slate. Why do something like this?
      • Change of ownership, company name, anything where you need a distinct separation between old and new data.
      • Replace corrupted data.
      • Home currency was not set correctly or changed.
      • Spring cleaning.
  • When you connect, the software will begin importing the most recent 100 transactions from PP. You will see a progress bar above these boxes and a % complete number. There are 10 transactions per page.

Note: By default, anytime you reconnect your account, the app will retrieve the last 100 accounts. Click refresh to bring in more.

If you would like a review, here’s a quick video about connecting PayPal and QuickBooks Online with your Sync to Accounting app.