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Connecting with QuickBooks Online – Step 1

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We have designed everything to be a dead simple, easy peasy, piece of cake, no sweat experience. Just wait, you’ll see.

Step 1 is simple. QuickBooks Online must be connected first.

Important: We programmed our software to reject all attempts to do things out of order. Like connecting to PayPal before QuickBooks Online . Rather than the blaring klaxons the developers wanted; you will be treated to a friendly error message in the upper left corner of the app’s screen. We used a tasteful black and red because everything goes with black.

  1. Click on Settings to open that view. To eliminate our friendly messages referenced above, we have numbered steps sequentially. The first step is connecting your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Click on the CONNECT button below the
    QuickBooks Online icon.
  3. In the pop up, enter your
    QuickBooks Online credentials and other required information.
  4. Click AUTHORIZE.

Note: The window may stay open. Close it and scroll down to the Connected platforms and stores list. Confirm your QuickBooks Online account is listed and shows CONNECTED.

  • The data presented, from left to right includes:
    • a QuickBooks Online icon under Channel
    • your company name, automatically populated from
      QuickBooks Online
    • a DataQlick-generated ID for support purposes
    • the connection status
    • a delete icon

Note: If at any time you receive a message stating your QuickBooks Online account has lost its connection, the CONNECT icon will change to RECONNECT. Click the button to reconnect and re-enter the requested information. DO NOT delete the account. This deletes all your records for security reasons. The data is not lost but you will have to import it again. What is lost are the check marks indicating a transaction has been processed. This increases the risk of double entries. But you said you liked double entries, right?