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Dashboard: Key Metrics and Analysis

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The Dashboard tab presents a simple, concise, and useful overview of select Key Metrics. As the user, you can select any date range and drive a bit of business analysis on the metrics listed below:

  • Gross sales (revenue) and the number of sales transactions
  • Number of customers that had active sales transactions during a set time period
  • Total payment amount and number of payment transactions
  • PayPal fees
  • Refunds
  • Transfers to and from PayPal
  • Shipping amount paid
  • Tax collected (during the same specified time period)

In the same view, you can select a specific vendor or customer (or multiple vendors and customers) and the key metrics will be adjusted accordingly reflecting filtered criteria.

Bar Chart – The “Sales and Payments monthly” chart is based on user-selected time periods and can be filtered by vendors and customers as mentioned above.

Pie chart – The “Top 10 Vendors” is the default view and will show you information about top vendors in any given time frame. 

Pie chart “Top 10 Customers” is another default and will tell the story about your top customers in any given time frame.