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Excluded transactions (Others)

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Some transactions fall into the OTHER category. They are segregated for two reasons:

  • They SHOULD NOT be, or
  • They CANNOT BE processed into your accounting system.

The list of transactions listed below are the “OTHER” transaction types we know of at this time that MUST NOT be processed into your accounting system:

  • temporary holds
  • authorizations
  • memos
  • multi-currency exchange transactions
  • pending payments

Transactions that fall into the OTHER category for the second reason, “cannot be processed,” and that are not on the list above, must be processed manually. The system assumes them to be legitimate transactions of an unknown type.

Tip:  Please report any transaction to us that falls into type OTHER type, and that is not identified in the list above. We will make every effort to reclassify this transaction into a known type. Sometimes we cannot do this for reasons beyond our control.

Note: You must inspect your OTHER category type transactions periodically to see if something odd has been brought over from PayPal that needs your attention.