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How batching works

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Batching mode – sets your Sync to Accounting app so it aggregates sales and refund transactions into daily batches.

To select Batching mode, go to Settings and find the “Default processing mode” settings box as shown below. As shown, it is Step 6 in the setup process and is on the right side of the Settings screen.

Note: You will receive a warning about the potential consequences of changing to the Batching mode.

You should use extreme caution when changing between the two processing modes.  To avoid double entries, you must establish a clear separation date between Individual and Batching processing modes. The process for this is described below.

If you start with Individual mode and later decide to switch to Batching mode please make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Set a date to switch to Batching mode – this becomes your “Switch Date.”
  2. We strongly advise you to use month-end dates as they establish the clearest separation between the different processing modes. 
  3. Process all transactions individually before the Switch Date. 
  4. Change to Batching mode AFTER you process all transactions up to the Switch Date.
  5. After you switch to Batching – ONLY record transactions via the Batching mode that occur AFTER the Switch Date.

After Batching is turned ON – Sales and Refund transactions are now aggregated into a single transaction for each day. These transactions start with either PPSALE or PPREFUND.

Example:  PPSALE-20190312  means that this is a batch transaction aggregating sales for the day of March 3 , 2019

Regardless of what mode is on – you can view transactions from your main view in either mode by clicking on the link as shown below (red oval). This is “view only,” it will not switch your processing mode.

Hey, where’d my detail go? Click on a transaction and it pops open a detailed view of all the batched transactions. Count the number of transactions in the batch to see how much time you are saving.