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How your subscription works

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Our subscriptions are paid in advance, not in arrears like your utility bill. The day you subscribe becomes your automatic renewal date. For $19.00, you will receive 1,000 transaction over the next 30-days.

If you exceed 1,000 transactions that means you are going gangbusters! Congratulations on your successful business! With the 1,001st transaction, our system will bill another $19.00. You now have an additional 1,000 transactions for the balance of that 30-day period.

No fine print – here is how that works. Even if you only end up doing 1,002 transactions, the additional fee is $19.00. If you do another 999 transactions, you are golden and still pay the same $19.00.

Even though our developers are amazing, they have not cracked time travel allowing them to precisely forecast how many transactions each customer will have. All unused transactions expire at the end of the 30-day period. Nothing rolls over.

Here’s what you’ll see on this page

You can find information about your subscription by clicking on the “Subscription” menu.

Here you can view your existing subscriptions. It securely displays your credit card information. It shows your monthly subscription payment.

At the bottom, you see either a “Start Trial,” “Buy” button (for active trial subscriptions) or “Cancel.” “Buy” is there during a trial and when you look at the many outstanding apps we have designed to help other areas of your business.

Our other apps are accessible here at the top of the page, as shown below. Click and browse to your heart’s content. This page will also show you which apps are currently active in your account.

The Edit link allows you to change your credit card on file. Click the Remove button first and then add the new card’s information. Leaving it blank will prevent any further transaction processing past the end of the current 30 days you have paid for. We will send friendly reminders via email that no credit card is on file.

After the end of your paid period, access is blocked until you pay for another period. If you let your account lapse for more than two weeks, all the data is purged from our servers for security reasons. If you come back after that, you start over from zero. Sorry.

To get out of the primary Subscription view page, click the Back button (#1) or PayPal to Accounting link (#2) to get back to managing your subscription further or processing transactions.

In the unlikely event you want to cancel your subscription, all you need to do is click on the red link (#3). Your subscription will remain active for the balance of your current 30 day period.