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Why Sync to Accounting

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Welcome to DataQlick’s PayPal to QuickBooks Online (Sync to Accounting) connector, the most capable connector available in the marketplace. Throughout our tutorials we will show you how get the most benefit from the unique features that set our connector apart from the other guys.

Once you complete the simple set-up and have your data flowing, you’ll immediately begin enjoying these benefits:

Batching:  Our connector converts your sales and refund transactions into a pair of daily summaries, one for all the sales transactions and the other for all refunds. Click in the square to select the batch and submit. Done! You have more important tasks than individually processing transactions. 

Manage QuickBooks Online data bloat: Batching populates your QuickBooks Online account with just the right amount of data. Your system stays fast, lean, and mean. Detail is just a click away as we store that on our servers.

Flexibility:  If you receive sales data from other sales platforms like Shopify, processing a full PayPal transaction might cause double posting. Eliminate this possibility by selecting the option to process PayPal Fees Only.

Automated processing:  The ultimate time saver, select automatic daily batch processing. Our system takes care of everything. You can check detail anytime. 

Automated currency conversion: Deal with multiple currencies? Another unique feature we bring is automating the currency conversion process. Set your home currency, and we do the rest.

Vendor and Payees mapping: Just map vendors to specific accounts and payees and the system will remember your selection. Change accounts or payees on the fly with total data integrity.

Safeguards: To eliminate the nightmare double posting presents, once a transaction is submitted, it is locked. No double posting to resolve. Unless you enjoy that challenge.

Ponder this value proposition, our subscription is $19.00 per month. If you save one hour, that likely covers this cost.

We are so confident you’ll save a lot more time each month and if you feel you have not, we will refund your first month’s fee.


Ready, set, let’s get started.