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When you log into your account, you see the Main screen. This is where you will spend most of your time managing your PayPal transactions and submitting them to you QBO account. Or, once you select all the automated options, you can stop by once a month for a chat. We can’t offer coffee – at least not yet.

The first time you see this screen it will be blank because you have not imported any transaction data yet. Don’t panic! You haven’t pointed us to the right spot yet.

The other menu choices are:

  • Dashboard – Displays Key Metrics, Sales and Payments charts, Top Ten Vendors, Top Ten Customers, and some really slick filters to adjust what you see.
  • Settings – Where you define how the PayPal data is to be sent to your QuickBooks Online accounts, set local time, and more.
  • Subscription – Where you get all the details about your subscription, make changes, purchase other DataQlick products, or cancel your subscription.
  • Help – Takes you to a page with other video tutorials like this one. Browse to the topic you like and click the play button. Kind of like YouTube but pertinent.

We will go over each of these in other tutorials.