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Setting processing mode

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Step 6. Processing mode

By default, your data is displayed in Individual transaction mode. You verify this

by looking at the main screen, under the Submit button. There you see “View

Mode” and to its right, “Individual.” Mode confirmed.


mode means you review, select, and submit each transaction individually.

Remember, you can select lots of transactions, so you don’t have to click

Submit for each individual one. This works fine if you only have a few

transactions a day.


you are running wide open and have significant number of transactions (If you over

two hundred transactions per month – you are a good candidate to turn on

Batching mode 🙂 ). 

Batching mode – is an aggregation process

of all sales (and refunds) by the system. Our app can summarize all detailed

information into daily summaries and record single sales transaction per each

day. So, you will have 31 transactions maximum recorded into QuickBooks Online

for any given month (versus hundreds or sometimes thousands of sales



can save you not only time that you spend to review and align all transactions

in your accounting system, but also will keep your accounting system clean and


Tip:  Start in Individual processing mode first and turn on Batching mode later when you gain the confidence in our system performance).  

See more information about transaction aggregation in “Batching transactions” section.