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Setting your time zone

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Step 5 Time zone

Because you are potentially selling worldwide, transactions can take place in time zones different from your home zone. PayPal uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to determine these times. It is important to set your GMT home time so that transactions are assigned to the appropriate accounting period. It streamlines the reconciliation process when transactions are processed in the accounting period in which they occurred – more time saved!

This is only an issue at the end of an accounting period. Since most people are not walking GMT calculators, here’s a handy link to calculate this number. Enter your local time zone in relation to GMT and let the online calculator determine that for you.


Example:  If you are in California – its  (at this time of the year) = GMT -08

So, to set your proper time you need to select “-8” in drop down list. That’s it! Be sure to keep this link handy and you can impress friends and guests at your next backyard bar b que!