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Syncing with PayPal

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How your Sync to Accounting syncs with and brings over the data from your PayPal account is linked to processing mode set in Settings.

If the processing mode is set to Manual, then transactions are synced only when you click of the button “Sync” after the initial automatic sync that occurs when you log into your app.

If you keep your app open and want to get the latest data, initiate a sync by clicking on Sync button.

Important: In Manual processing, you must sync by pressing the Sync button each time you want to update the data. Why did we design it this way? We wanted to leave our users in control of when data arrives so there work is not constantly shifted by new transactions.

In Manual mode you are the one who decides when and what must be recorded. Some transactions can be omitted (hidden) per your discretion. Any transaction can be recorded partially (Fees only).

If the processing mode is set to Automated, then the system automatically processes all transactions one each day beginning on the day that the AUTOMATED mode is switched ON.

Note: All settings must be fully completed in order to start processing records in your QuickBooks Online accounting system to insure data accuracy and integrity.