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Transaction types

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Transactions are classified according to the PayPal structure, and they are color coded to help you recognize each type with ease.

  • Sales – Not much ‘splaining to do here, Lucy’ as green is for the color of money!
  • Refunds – Not much ‘splaining’ here either, red means money going back.
  • Payments – this is you paying for the stuff you buy to run your business or resell.
  • Transfers – from the bank to PayPal and from PayPal to the banks.
  • Other –Transactions that are not recordable into your accounting system for some reason and require manual processing or being ignored. More on this type below.

You can quickly filter by transaction type using the drop-down selection list as shown below.

The only transaction type requiring a bit of additional explanation is “Other”.

The most frequent “Other” transactions are those that are part of a currency conversion. The typical conversion will have three transactions, only one of which is of importance to you. Our system categorizes the other two as “Other,” and will never process these. They are informational, and PayPal clears them. Just FYI, these transactions do not count against your monthly total. Only the final currency transaction will be recordable.

See more about “Other” type of transactions here in the tutorial, “Excluded transactions (Others)”