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Vendor mapping

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It can be an ongoing struggle to map vendors and payees accurately.  Not anymore. Your Sync to Accounting app makes it as easy as falling off a log.

After your PayPal account is connected, the system automatically imports transactions daily. Recording these transactions into your QuickBooks Online account can be handled either manually or in an automated manner by switching the processing mode to “Automated.”

With your Sync to Accounting app, you can map vendors from your QuickBooks Online account to payees in your PayPal account. Once a payee is mapped to a specific vendor in your accounting system it will be populated every time during the sync (import). Once and done, unless you need to make any changes.

Mapping vendors is handled in the Main View as shown below.

If you want to un-map a vendor to payee pairing, simply click on the edit icon next to the vendor, and click on the “Clear selection” button.

Another way you can remove a vendor to payee mapping is by using Vendor-Payee Mapping section in Settings. 

By clicking on the “x” icon next to the Payee, you can remove the mapping association between the vendor in the vendor panel.